The Milwaukee Brewers may be the biggest laughingstock in baseball this year. The key word there is "laughing."

Brewers outfielder Brett Phillips showed off his rather unusual laugh during a round of "Mom Joke Monday," in which pitcher Will Smith tells terrible jokes that his mom has told (although they're so awful you'd think they're actually dad jokes).

Yes, the jokes are lame, but that doesn't matter to Phillips, a heralded prospect who will probably start the season in the minors.

You catch glimpses of Phillips offbeat laugh in the first half of the video, but it really takes off at the 1:20 mark. He goes off the rails, laughing like a man watching the Three Stooges for the first time.

Phillips is almost as known for the sounds of his chuckles as he is for his game. In fact, he says, "It’s been there my whole life. I’ve laughed like this my whole life."

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