This. This is what sports is all about.

Venezuela defeated the Dominican Republic, 3-2, at the Little League World Series on Monday when Omar Romero hit a walk-off triple off of Edward Uceta. That's not the story here, though.

While Venezuela celebrated the heart-stopping win, Uceta collapsed to the ground in tears. Coaches for Venezuela ran out to console him and Romero quickly joined in, as well, in the ultimate reminder that sportsmanship is as much a part of the game as running, fielding and hitting.

Uceta may have given up the game-winning hit, but that's not the point. The fact that opposing players and coaches would take the time to recognize his effort is what makes the Little League World Series such an amazing event and reiterated that how you handle yourself is as important -- if not more -- as how you stare down the barrel of a fastball.

"Edward has a big heart," Venezuela manager Alexander Ballesteros told ESPN after the game. "It was sad. It could have happened to anyone."

See the wonderful display of sportsmanship below.

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