It sounds silly, right? A basketball player gets T'd up for dribbling the ball.

It's akin to a quarterback getting a personal foul for throwing or a pitcher getting tossed for firing a fastball.

Alas, there's more to it than that.

Tyshawn Johnson, who plays at Maryland's Kent County High School, recently felt the referee's wraith when he began dancing while dribbling the ball during game action. Johnson really gets his act going as he crosses the half-court line and then puts on a little razzle dazzle before passing it to a teammate on the wing. The ball comes right back to Johnson, who then busts some wild fancy footwork so outrageous and unnecessary that the ref has had enough and Ts him up, despite the fact the crowd is into it.

We probably shouldn't be surprised Johnson acted so brash -- his Twitter name is SWAGS, after all -- or that he turned the hardcourt into a dance floor. It may have worked for Prince, but he's gotta remember that he's trying to win a game, not become a backup dancer.

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