First, it was Gordon Hayward. Now, it's Jeremy Lin.

The freshly-tipped off NBA season may still have that new car smell, but it stinks for some high-profile players.

On Wednesday night, Brooklyn's Jeremy Lin, 29, went down with a knee injury late in the team's season-opening loss to Indiana as he drove to the basket. He knew right away something was wrong, saying, "I'm done."

And he is indeed done: he'll be out for the entire season.

After the game, Lin tried to remain optimistic with a post on Twitter.

On Tuesday night, Gordon Hayward broke his ankle in what may be one of the most gruesome injuries you'll ever see.

Hayward has begun the long road to recovery and delivered a message to Celtics fans at their home opener on Wednesday night. The 2017-2018 isn't even a week old, but it's already unfolding as the the year of the injury, so let's hope this trend ends quicker than a perfectly-executed fast break.

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