The New England Patriots last-second interception to seal their Super Bowl win was a strange way for a game to end, but it's got nothing on the finish in this youth league basketball game.

In this game of eighth grade teams in Kansas, the Riley County Falcons are leading the Rock Creek Mustangs with seconds remaining. The Mustangs have the ball and give it to a player who drives the lane and gets off a shot that kisses the glass, hits front iron, bounces on the back iron and then...then it just gets stuck.

And that's how it ends.

Since the ball doesn't go in, the game ends with the Falcons holding on for a 26-25 win. For them, it's dramatic. For the Mustangs, it's heartbreaking. You don't need more proof of that than watching the player who took the shot. He remains on the floor, head buried in his hands, in complete disbelief, proving the agony of defeat is all too real.

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