The drama of a close game has nothing on this testy exchange.

Gary Radnich, a sports anchor for San Francisco's KRON, had no problem expressing his rage when he didn't get to break the news to the viewing audience that LeBron James would star in Space Jam 2.

Radnich tries to maintain decorum while chastising news anchor Catherine Heenan for having the gall to be the one to deliver the news. He shoots daggers in her direction like Steph Curry shoots threes -- with laser-like precision. He's also irate when she defends herself when she tries to throw their producer under the bus by saying she got the script from him.

As if things weren't already tense enough, Radnich ratchets it up a notch when he says Heenan, who looks on incredulously, is good friends with his mom. All of this is going on while the Bay Area would probably rather he talk about their beloved Warriors instead of wasting time on how a story was stolen from him.

To be fair, James being in a movie qualifies as sports news, but it's also entertainment news, so Radnich really ought to chill out.

Of course, he claims the whole thing was a joke. We're just not so sure we believe him.