It's that time of year when the pundits come out to tell you what may happen.

No, we're not talking about political analysts breaking down the upcoming election. We're talking about the "experts" who provide insight on the NFL Draft and the NCAA Tournament.

For the next few weeks, we'll be besieged by the likes of Todd McShay and Mel Kiper releasing lists of what the NFL Draft will look like, which is pretty preposterous if you think about it. Trades can happen, players can be cut, players may get hurt. What a mock draft looks like today could be vastly different from tomorrow based on all those factors, not to mention we don't know what teams may be thinking after the combine and all the weirdness that happens during that meat market.

The same can be said for the NCAA Tournament. Joe Lunardi has emerged from his groundhog-like captivity to let us know that an Iowa win today may push them to the 2-seed in the Midwest, but a loss could drop the Hawkeyes to the 3-line in the West. He does the same with the "First Four In, First Four Out," too. Look ,there are 300-plus teams vying for a spot in a 68-team field, so saying what the bracket looks like right now is useless because the fortunes of just about every squad changes with the wins and losses they rack up between now and Selection Sunday.

There's plenty of chatter for each of these highly-anticipated events, but neither of the predictions are really essential because, let's face it, we're going to find out, anyway. No amount of guessing can change that.