Much like players on the winning thanking God, Gatorade baths for the victorious coach and instant replay solving everything, the post-game press conference is a staple of sporting events.

The Kicker decided to have a little fun with the tried-and-true press conference after games with this parody that hits the nail on the head. It features your traditional cast of characters who appear at these Q&As: the grizzled coach, the star player, the bench player who had a surprisingly good game and the oddball collection of reporters desperate to get a good quote.

The video does a good job making fun of the cliches used in these media sessions (as well as making fun of the media itself) and ends with a career-defining meltdown from Grizzled Coach (and, yes, he is played by "Weird Al" Yankovic).

If you've ever watched one of the pressers, then you know this is about as accurate as an Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass into double coverage.

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