Vin Scully was already an American treasure, but this serves as an awesome reminder of how great he is.

Scully, 88, who's retiring as the Los Angeles Dodgers play-by-play man after being on the job since 1950, recited the famous "People will come" speech given by James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams. Throw in a montage of some of the game's great players, iconic moments and soft background track and you have the recipe for a video that will win over even the most ardent non-baseball fans.

Don't deny it -- you got chills watching this. That's the power of Scully and the effect he has on the national pastime. It's something we need to squeeze as much out of as possible before he heads off into the sunset.

You can see Jones' speech in Field of Dreams below and decide for yourself which one tugs at the heartstrings more.