Races on a track should pretty uneventful. People run to the finish line, the top three get their medals and everyone goes home.

It's only when things don't go according to plan that people take notice.

Like this race, for instance.

The poor girl in lane six is having some serious issues. She falls before the starting gun even goes off and then to add insult to internet infamy she trips while trying to get out of the box.

This has to be tough. The girl botched the race as badly as anyone can and then it's captured on camera before being uploaded on Twitter where the whole world sees what happened and more than 20,000 people liked it. That's gotta bruise the ego, which may have been the only part of her body she didn't hurt while she stumbled around.

If this many people can derive this much joy from watching someone stumble in a race, then Jeb Bush really ought to stay in hiding for some time.