Get ready, kids -- Tom Brady is back.

One of the most beloved figures in Boston (and one of the most despised everywhere outside it) will return to game action this weekend after that little Deflategate thing you may have heard of, but he couldn't wait until then to show his mug to his adoring fans.

Brady is the focus of a local TV spot for Shields Health Care, in which he has to put his jewelry away before going in for an MRI. It's that classic smugness that his detractors can't stand and that winning smile that can make a two-foot pile of New England snow melt quicker than the time it takes number 12 to march his team downfield for a winning score.

The spot, incidentally, was shot by Patriots fan Bobby Farrelly, who helmed There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber.

Love him or hate him, Brady will return from his four-game suspension this Sunday when the Pats take on the Browns, who are about as comical as any movie Farrelly ever made.

And if you don't think even Bill Belichick is excited to have Brady back under center, well, just watch this.