When you've won five Super Bowls, you can pretty much write your own ticket.

Tom Brady knows that.

Brady, fresh off engineering the Patriots' historic 25-point Super Bowl comeback win over the down-on-their-luck Falcons, is now signing his John Hancock for an astonishing amount of money.

Tom Terrific has teamed up with memorabilia company Tristar to provide a range of autographed items that even die-hard Pats fans may have to admit are a little too pricey. Autographed photos begin with 8x10 photos for the rock bottom price of $849 and climb all the way to $1,199 for an autographed Patriots jersey. Footballs and helmets are also available in the $900-$1,100 range.

If you've got even more money to burn, you can also pay $500 for a 20-character personalization.

The deadline to order is March 15, so you'd be wise to round up your investors now.

Of course, the jersey he wore in the game against Atlanta went missing and is believed to be worth $1 million, so these other options could certainly fall into the "bargain" category.

Brady is a bigger hero in Boston lore than Paul Revere, so you can bet fans will lay down the necessary green to get his autograph, frame it and then hang it in their house where the can brag about it to friends during cocktail parties.

But Brady is also a bigger villain than Benedict Arnold, so this money grab is going to be just another in a laundry list of things his detractors loathe about him.

All of this brings up an interesting dilemma: what is the most you'd pay for an autograph? We all have idols, but there's gotta be a limit to what we'd cough up, right?

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