And you thought people in this country are upset about the presidential election.

Behold the incredibly angry antics of this Pittsburgh Steelers, who did not react well after Ezekiel Elliott scored what proved to be the game-winning touchdown in the closing seconds of the Cowboys' see-saw victory over the Steelers last Sunday.

He takes the TV down and smashes it with a bat, while his horrified family screams in pure terror.

Wow. This guy's grip on reality needs to be tighter than the one he has on his bat because this is about as big an overreaction as you can possibly imagine. Teams lose in heartbreaking ways -- it happens -- and while you can be upset you probably shouldn't express yourself in a way that your wife and kids fear for their safety. That's just wrong. And, besides, save your rage should the dark day come when you somehow lose to the Browns. Then, yeah, you should be ticked off.

Of course, there is the theory being floated in the comments that this whole act may have been staged because the internet has turned us all into a giant cauldron of cynicism. What do you think -- real or fake?