This sports anchor definitely felt the force while doing highlights of an NFL game.

Wes Blankenship of WMAZ, in Macon, Ga., pulled out all the stops by making 23 Star Wars references in two minutes while doing highlights of the Falcons win over the Jaguars last weekend. It comes fast and furious (if you'll pardon the reference to another popular movie series) and he certainly had one custom-made from the get go with the "Millennium Falcons" line, but we have to give Blankenship credit for the ultra-creative way he found to sneak R2-D2 in there. That was very well done.

Blankenship should team up with this woman who did a Star Wars-themed weather forecast to help build an entire newscast done only with puns related to the franchise. All they need is a traffic reporter and someone brave enough to try and be cute enough to make silly jokes while delivering the latest on such lighthearted fare as terrorism, healthcare and the presidential campaign.

How hard could that possibly be?

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