There is nothing Serena Williams can't do.

The world's top-ranked tennis player, who is the winner of 21 Grand Slam titles and reigning Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year teamed up with the fellas from Dude Perfect to make this video in which she makes some sick trick shots and shows off a pretty fun-loving side of herself.

As arguably the greatest women's tennis player of all time, Williams not only succeeds in making the shots, but in making the shots look easy. All the great ones can do that. The Dude Perfect team has plenty of precision, but Williams has power and precision, whether it's hitting a moving target or rocking a serve no one can return.

Williams has a blast here, whether it's her ridiculous Palm Beach Swisher or debating why Toaster Strudels are so delicious. Seeing a dominant athlete kicking back is a treat, one that still leaves us in awe.