Talk about being a sore loser.

A man in Erie, Colo., who roots for the Broncos found himself the object of a pretty well-crafted prank when his buddy, who roots for the Steelers, listed his home for sale in exchange for a pair of Super Bowl tickets.

Brian Lusk had razzed his buddy after the Broncos eliminated the Steelers, so his buddy did what any disappointed, frustrated and totally logical person would do: he took out ads in some local papers complete with a photo along with the vitals:

2100 sq ft 3BA 2BA

Home in Erie FSBO

Getting divorced: leaving her with nothing. Will sell home for 2 tickets to the Super Bowl with airfare and lodging."

Lusk, of course, had no idea, so imagine his surprise when his phone started ringing with people interested in taking him up on the offer. He's happily married and he and his family have only lived in the house for six months.

One potential buyer was so serious he offered Lusk a pair of tickets near midfield about 20 rows up, along with first class airfare a hotel suite.

Lusk says he hopes the calls stop. There's no word on the status of his friendship.