Sammy Sosa is rare. No, not because he can hit a ball far. He's rare as in the color of undercooked meat.

The retired slugger, 48, is making the rounds online after he appeared on ESPN Deportes' coverage of the Home Run Derby earlier this week. That's because viewers couldn't help but notice his skin looked pink. Like, really pink.

Sosa and his skin color have been the subject of conjecture before (go ahead and Google "Sammy Sosa skin color" or "Sammy Sosa plastic surgery" and you'll see what we mean), but this week's development in which he looks like a rejected Batman villain couldn't escape the cruel eye of social media.

Twitter went to town on Sosa, hitting him harder than he ever hit a baseball. Maybe next time he should ask someone if looking like he's a in a hologram training program is a good look for him.

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