It's hard to know where the game ends and where the fighting begins in rugby, but not in this case.

Yes, we Americans know very little about rugby, other than the hitting that goes on without a helmet that's on display would probably land just about every defensive back in the NFL a 15-yard penalty for spearing.

Still, with that said, we can quickly decipher that this is a brawl and not part of the game. The melee takes place between a pair of teams in France -- Bagarre Rugby Club de la Marine Nationale and Royal Navy Crunch Stade.

It's like someone said, "You know what? Rugby needs the added element of MMA to make it even more violent." This scene is more reminiscent of a Donald Trump protest than it is of a sporting event.

And the more we watch this, the less we understand rugby. Isn't there already enough of a chance you can lose a tooth or two without trying to sweep the leg on all of your opponents?

What do we know? We're just Americans.