With apologies to Muhammad Ali, the boxer who's contributed the most to society outside the ring is probably Rocky Balboa, whose ferocious uppercuts and jabs helped melt the frosty relationship between the U.S. and U.S.S.R.

No, seriously. Okay, not seriously.

But if you do some revisionist history, you come up with this brilliant 30 for 30 parody that examines the impact of Rocky's celebrated (and probably CTE-causing) fight with Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

The bout didn't just provide closure for Rocky after Apollo Creed danced his way to death in the ring when he fought Drago. Rather, Rocky used his fists to single-handedly change the socio-political climate of the time.

If you like at the fight in history, you see that, yes, maybe Rocky managed to put the Cold War to an end. Decades of suspicion came crumbling down with the Reagan-Gorbachev shadow lingering in the background before the Berlin Wall eventually wound up becoming nothing more than a pile of rubble a few years later.

Just think about the effect one simple third film in a never-ending franchise had. If that's true, maybe the Fast and the Furious crew can help ease tensions with the Taliban. Surely Vin Diesel can do that, right?