Pokemon Go is more like Pokemon No in Rio.

Japanese Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura was hit with a $5,000 phone bill after he played Pokemon Go following his arrival in Rio for the Summer Games.

And here we were thinking housing, Zika and safe sex were going to be the biggest headaches for athletes to overcome.

Strangely, the wildly popular game is not even available in Brazil, so while Uchimura failed to catch any of the characters he did succeed in filling up on a boatload of roaming charges.

Uchimura, who will be defending his gold in the men's all-around, also showed he's got some serious game when it comes to worming his way out of trouble: he convinced his carrier to knock the charges down to $30, proving that he should be going for the gold -- the Pokemon Gold (sorry, we had to).

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