There's a reason the song says "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack" and nachos are nowhere to be found.

A fan at Wednesday's Pirates-Padres game in Pittsburgh trying to catch a foul ball off the bat of the Pirates' Jung Ho Kang wound up with egg on his face when the ball hit the nachos he was carrying, sending the food everywhere.

We've all heard of the five-tool player, right? Well, this guy isn't even a two-tool fan. He can't catch a ball and carry food.

And making matters even worse is the fact he wore a white shirt to the game. That's not going to be easy to clean, you know. It was nice of someone to step in and give him a new shirt, but it only seems fitting that he couldn't catch it when it was tossed to him. Maybe the next time someone tries to give him something he should just duck and let someone else grab it because he's got about as good a grip as Edward Scissorhands.