Thinking about becoming a professional athlete? You may want to find another job to fall back on.

While we all dream of hitting the last-second buzzer-beater, throwing the touchdown with no time left on the clock and hitting the home run to win the World Series with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, the reality is you have a much better chance of watching the game on TV, reminiscing how you rode the bench on the JV squad.

Yeah, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we're only the messenger. Canadian casino company Online Casino (how's that for a generic name?) has come out with a list of your odds making it as a pro in various sports. Let's just say the odds are better you'll be mad that you have to pay $12 for a beer the next time you head to a game.

Here's a look at the odds of a high school athlete making it to the pros:

  • Basketball - 1-in-11,771
  • Soccer - 1-in-5,768
  • Football - 1-in-4,233
  • Baseball - 1-in-659
  • Hockey - 1-in-598

It's important to note these odds are for high school athletes, so it doesn't take into account all those younger children who play recreational sports -- considering more youngsters sign up for those leagues, the chances would have to be even greater. And while these odds are pretty slim, they take a backseat to women's basketball, which sports 1-in-13,015 odds among high school athletes.

The good news? Making it in sports seems like a cake walk compared to the ultimate vocational challenge -- becoming a saint. You'll have to overcome 1-in-20 million odds for that to happen.