Ronda Rousey isn't the only person to suffer a shocking loss in the ring.

Joshua Spears and Preston Shick recently tangled in an MMA match in Tennessee and if you weren't familiar with Shick's work before, you're about to.

In the middle of the first round, Shick landed a crushing, Mike Tyson-esque punch that was so devastating that it knocked out Spears' tooth and sent it into the crowd for the most unlikely of souvenirs.

Actually, it looks like it was a one-two combination that did the damage. The first punch sent the tooth out of Spears' mouth, while Shick hit it into the seats right after that. The ref called the fight seconds after the tooth went flying, possibly to prevent Spears from losing other body parts.

Fast forward the above video to the two-minute mark to see the bicuspid fun in all of its glory and be reminded why your mother always hounded you to become a dentist.

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