Here's a reminder that you should keep your emotions in check and handle losing like a gentleman.

Andrew Whitney, known as "The Beast," was so angry that he lost his bout against Farkhad Sharipov at Titan Fighting Championship 42 last week that he turned around in disgust and let out a punch in the air, which accidentally hit the ring girl.

If you look at the video, it looks like he quickly reacts as if he realized he hit someone when he just let out a punch in frustration.

"Our ring card girl was attended to by the ringside doctor and officials," said the CEO of Titan Fighting Championship. "She indicated she was fine and was more surprised by the punch than injured...We have spoken with Andrew Whitney and his management and are taking appropriate actions to make sure this unforeseen incident is not repeated."

Whitney may not have had any bad intentions, but he joins this irate bodybuilder and this enraged boxer as athletes who'd be wise to keep cool after things don't go their way.

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