Michael Phelps has won more Olympic medals than any athlete in history, so you'd think maybe he'd smile.

Phelps (whose body spots had all of America talking on Sunday night) is yet again a topic of conversation at the Summer Games in Rio, this time for what has been dubbed #PhelpsFace, a scowl that he had on display before swimming the 200-meter butterfly on Monday night while South African swimmer Chad le Clos was in the area.

You've heard of athletes having a game face, right? Well, this is the pinnacle of it. He's so far in the zone that not even the team tasked with rescuing the little girl from the TV in Poltergeist can pull him out.

Phelps had reason to be so focused. Back in 2012, le Clos beat him in the 200-meter butterfly to win the gold and it doesn't exactly look like Phelps forgot.

#PhelpsFace quickly caught fire online, with his expression becoming fodder for memes.

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