In the previous millennium, pigeons were a major nuisance at tennis's most prestigious event, Wimbledon. That all changed when Rufus the hawk arrived.

Well, okay, actually that changed when Hamish the hawk arrived in 2000 and began clearing the courts of those irritating little birds that nobody likes. But Rufus is Hamish's successor as the official Bird Scarer at the All England Club, a position he has held for five years. Anyway, the folks at Stella Artois put together a pretty badass little video about Rufus and how he feels toward pigeons. Our favorite part is Rufus's war helmet.

Anyway, Wimbledon starts today. You can get off on the right talon by following Rufus on Twitter. Here he is meeting defending men's champion Andy Murray:

When he's not busy at Wimbledon, Rufus also keeps a watchful eye on the Northampton Saints rugby squad:

And he occasionally checks in on Parliament, just to make sure everything's running smoothly: