These fans had a Hellmann's of a time.

Some Jacksonville Jaguars fans (yes, they exist) passed the time while tailgating before the team's game against the AFC South rival Tennessee Titans last Sunday by belly flopping into a kiddie pool filled with mayonnaise.

It's weird and it's a minor Miracle Whip no one suffered any injuries. Or had a swarm of bees attacking them.

And if you think that was weird, check out a more in-depth clip below, which features a proposal that took place right before the belly-flopping began. Because what woman doesn't want a man to propose to her before he jumps into a pool covered in mayo? It's what every little girl dreams of, right?

Why, exactly, were people jumping into the sandwich condiment. "There’s been an ongoing joke among Jaguars fans that Titans fans eat mayonnaise straight from the jar," reports SB Nation. And there's an ongoing joke among fans of other teams that the Jaguars one day hope to win more than five games in a season.

And as sticky as it must have been to be covered in mayo, it's nothing compared to the job Tennessee did sticking it to Jacksonville, 37-16.

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