Wow, this is some real dedication.

English cricketer Liam Thomas continued the play after his prosthetic leg snapped off during a tournament for the disabled on October 24.

Thomas fell down while chasing the ball and even though his leg came off, he spring back up and hopped over to retrieve the ball. The play took place during England Physical Disabilities team's game against Pakistan.

Thomas said he had to make a split second decision:

It just happened, really. I was sprinting for the ball, put my hand out, hit the deck hard and the next thing I know I stood up and had no leg. I didn't know whether to grab the leg or get the ball in. I decided to go for the ball."

Thomas also said the heat in Dubai, where the game was played, probably caused his leg to loosen from its socket.

England wound up losing the final, but Thomas is being praised for his persistence and hopes he has set an example for other disabled people to play sports, as well as increased interest in cricket.

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