This guy's Super Bowl plans are set. Forever.

You don't know Lyle Randa, but you are about to be very jealous of him. That's because the 52-year-old Wichita, Kan. man has won two tickets to every Super Bowl for the rest of his life, beginning with the big game this weekend in Houston.

Randa, who has never been to a Super Bowl, won a Bud Light contest after finding a gold can in a 30-pack he bought. Randa summed up his feelings the way any red-blooded, beer-guzzling, football-watching American would: "This is a dream come true."

About the only thing that could make this any sweeter for Randa would be if his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, manage to play in front of him. They haven't appeared in the NFL's marquis event since they won Super Bowl IV. That's a whole lot of time to drink some more Bud Light.

Considering how highly coveted Super Bowl tickets, you have to wonder if it's worth using them each year, what with all the costs associated with travel and hotel or if he should sell them and make a nice little profit. Decisions, decisions.

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