Second and short turned into third and loooooooong.

Louisiana Tech's football team had a forgettable meeting with Mississippi State this past weekend, in which MSU squeaked by with a 57-21 win. Being a sacrificial lamb to an SEC team is no crime, but this play that ended with Tech facing a third and 93, may be.

Early in the fourth quarter, Tech, while trailing 57-14, was inside State's 10-yard line and looking at paydirt when the bizarre play happened. An errant snap in the shotgun formation led to a wild scramble for the ball. Louisiana Tech was able to regain possession -- but only after a mind-boggling 87-yard loss. That meant the team had to stare down the barrel of a third and goal that was actually a hard-to-believe, but all too real, third and 93.

To no one's surprise, the Bulldogs couldn't convert the third down, but they did manage to score another touchdown before the game ended, so there is some silver lining here right?

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