Auburn-Alabama. The Iron Bowl. Tie score, just seven seconds remain on the clock. The Crimson Tide set up for a potential game-winning field goal. And then the miracle occurs:

As if there isn't already enough at stake every year in the Iron Bowl (at least for Alabama natives), Alabama had entered the 2013 edition ranked No. 1, looking unbeatable, and had cruised through the regular season in their quest to win a fourth national championship in the Nick Saban era. Auburn, ranked No. 4 with a 10-1 record, was looking to reclaim bragging rights in the state and their first win over their rivals since Cam Newton's memorable comeback led them to the 2010 BCS Championship.

The play itself is the sort of play that would instantly render a movie, had it used this play in its finale, as an utterly unbelievable fantasy. These sorts of plays just don't happen in real-life sports. Except for college football. Think of the 1982 Cal-Stanford ending, or the 2007 Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl.

But we think that the 2013 Iron Bowl, under those particular circumstances, give it the edge. Whatever you think, though, it's pretty great to have college football back again.

And this year, we even get a playoff!

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