The lesson here, clearly, is don't put stupid stuff on your head in a desperate, misguided attempt to get on television. Your plan just might work.

One poor young Washington Nationals fan learned that the hard way on Wednesday night, when Bryce Harper laced a foul ball down the first-base line that took a hop and bounce off the wall and—KERPLUNK—nailed him right in the head.

Now, this sort of thing happens from time to time at baseball games, but what followed after the hit to the head is what makes this video into art. The kid not only gets bonked in the cranium, he falls facefirst onto the field, and what tumbles off his head but an empty popcorn bucket the youngster had fashioned into a hat. And the kicker? He's wearing a Bryce Harper shirt. Tough break, kid. Next time, just stick with your ballcap.

As the announcer memorably put it, "Ol' Buckethead is down."