March Madness in America has nothing on November madness in Japan. Wait, November madness isn’t a thing? Well, it should be.

A basketball game between two youth teams in Japan last month ended with a remarkable three-quarters-length of the court shot as time expired that is as improbable as it is fun to watch. It's so ridiculous that Steph Curry probably couldn't even pull this off.

After a player on the white team calmly sank a pair of free throws to give his team what looked like a 49-48 victory, a player from the opposing squad took the inbound and heaved up a prayer that banked in off the backboard, sending his team to an unlikely win and snatching victory from the sharp jaws of defeat.

It’s an amazing shot, especially when you consider the kid who made it looks like he weighs about as much as the ball.

Steph Curry doesn't look so impressive now, does he?

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