Picking the Cubs to win the World Series was foolish business for generations of fans, but that didn't stop one teen from thinking outside the box.

A high school yearbook from 1993 features one senior predicting the Cubs will win the World Series in 2016 (as if people weren't already in enough of a frenzy). The photo has gone viral, with some people wondering if this can possibly be real.

The student in question, now a full-fledged adult, is Michael Lee, who was enrolled at California's Mission Viejo High School.

The image, which sparked huge conversation on Reddit, first appeared on Facebook:

This looks like it can easily be the product of Photoshop, but someone else posted it on Twitter and then even more photos of it popped up, as well, to lend some credibility to it.

And, if that's not enough, Chicago's WGN has a video of someone thumbing through the book, making this even more realistic than the nightmare that has been the Cubs' last 108 seasons.

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