Cam Newton may actually be the second biggest sore loser in Panthers Nation.

In what may or may not be a fake video, Grandpa here destroyed a flat-screen TV after the Broncos scored the touchdown that put them up 22-10 over the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. That was merely the beginning of the trashing he leveled on the room, one that was so complete in scope wannabe rock stars should take notes.

Grandpa sensed what the rest of America did -- the Broncos had iced the game, ending the Panthers' magical season.

It's funny to watch this NSFW video (there's some salty language) and listen to the man's son, especially when he calls him "dude." How many children, no matter what the age, call their fathers "dude?"

Considering the fact the Panthers have had some brutal years, you'd think this guy would tolerate losing a wee bit more. Perhaps he should take some time this offseason to think about calming down and learning how to lose with dignity.