Injuries in sports happen all the time, but never like this.

A 14-year-old eighth grade girl competing with her team in a basketball tournament in Middleton, Wisc., was impaled by the court when she fell while after making contact with an opposing player under the basket during a game last Sunday.

One of the boards that made up the wood split in half and got stuck in the girl.

Perry Hibner, who ran the tournament, said, "It was three to four inches long and in some parts, maybe a quarter- to a half-inch deep."

Emergency officials quickly rushed to the scene, while the gym was cleared out. The girl, who did not suffer any blood loss, was taken to the hospital, where she spent the night. Fortunately, none of her internal organs were touched by the wood.

The portion of the floor which caused the odd injury has been temporarily made over, with a permanent fix expected this week.

As for what exactly caused this injury, Hibner chalks it up as a "complete fluke."

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