The Falcons and Patriots will duke it out on the field in the Super Bowl, but the war of words has already begun.

A veterinarian's office in Savannah, Ga. poked fun at Tom Brady with a sign mocking the infamous Deflategate scandal.

Sure, Deflategate erupted after a game played two years ago, but it still resonates with the army of people who dislike Brady and the Pats, so you can't really blame the Falcons faithful from engaging in a little trash talk.

The sign went up Monday, only a day after the Atlanta-New England matchup was set.

Dr. Carla Case McCorvey owns the hospital and wasn't onboard with it at first, claiming she asked employees to take it down before they convinced her that it should remain.

McCorvey tells WGTS that reaction has been good. "I think everybody here is an Atlanta Falcons fan, well, not everybody," she says. "We've gotten some kind of tongue-in-cheek clients that have said, 'Hey, I'm a Patriots fan,' and we say, 'Nobody's perfect.'"

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