It's a fact of life: buzzer beaters are always fun to watch (almost as much fun as watching difficult shots that go even worse than logic dictates).

The latest wild and improbable effort to defy the odds? This full-court shot from a high school basketball game in Minnesota on Tuesday (December 8).

Here's the set-up. Austin was trailing Northfield, 56-54, when one of Northfield's players missed a free throw with 1.6 seconds left in the game. Austin's Oman Oman corralled the rebound and let loose a miracle. Well, this is a season for miracles, right? His full-court shot somehow went in the basket as the horn blared, giving Austin a 57-56 victory and most certainly making Oman the big man on campus.

That's a big-time basket, for sure. Now, let's see if he can up his game with this ridiculous shot.