Man, do they take their football seriously in the SEC.

A Georgia fan broke a window while cheering after his beloved Bulldogs tied the game with a touchdown late in their game with Missouri on Saturday.

Georgia would tack on the extra point and hold on for a 28-27 lead, but it's unclear if this guy was able to stick around to see it, since he wound up in the hospital to treat his injuries.

Watch the incident again and you'll notice he didn't even take the brunt of the beating. No, that honor belongs to the cooler, which he so callously flung onto the ground. And even after he broke the glass, it's clear his adrenaline prevented him from feeling any pain. It's like the hero who takes the bullet, but carries on to save the kidnapped girl, except in this case, he's not a hero, he's a knucklehead.

Anyway, here's hoping Georgia superfan number one recovers quickly and will be ready to cheer on at full strength when the Bulldogs take on Ole Miss this coming weekend.