No matter what the sport, people are always complaining that ticket prices are too high or that it's too much of a hassle to go to a game.

Well, one enterprising fan has found a way around all of that.

Look at this guy. He was in the stands at Wednesday's Blue Jays-Rays game in Tampa. And his friend is with him. Oh, yeah, his friend is on video chat on the guy's computer:

Nice. Maybe this will start a trend. It'll save the heartache of having to squeeze by everyone in your row when you have to go to the bathroom (not that booming crowds is an issue in Tampa).

You can't blame the guy for not actually wanting to go to the game. Aside from the fact the Rays have been a bust this year, there's always the fear you may see other fans who are nasty or nothing more than visual pollution, like this guy at a recent Dodgers game: