It's a fun time to be a Warriors fan.

Fresh off Stephen Curry's history-making night from beyond the arc, this Golden State fan was back at Oracle Arena on Wednesday night to root on her team as it cruised to a 21-point win over the Mavericks.

She is lit. Look at her go. No one has danced this intensely since Flashdance. And then, of course, there's the sweater. She went into her closet and pulled out this ugly Christmas sweater a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Normally, we wouldn't be into it, but this woman is one of the few who can get away with this kind of bold fashion statement.

We're loving her spunk and spirit, but one word of caution: it's November. You've got to pace yourself. It's a long season and you don't want to wear yourself yet. We have a feeling Dub Nation is going to need her support if/when the Warriors go deep into the playoffs, so here's hoping, for their sake, she's still rarin' to go once the postseason comes around.

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