A member of the local media is joining the growing chorus of Greg Hardy critics.

Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen, with WFAA, chastised the Dallas Cowboys defensive end earlier this week after he temporarily changed his Twitter profile to say, "Innocent until proven guilty."

Hardy, of course, was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, but the case was dismissed after Hardy reportedly paid the woman not to testify.

The issue came back to light last week after Deadspin posted photos of the woman's bruises.

Hansen went on the offensive when blasting Hardy for having the gall to say he was innocent when he had  already been found guilty.

"Hardy said on his Twitter account 'innocent until proven guilty,' Hansen said. "He has been found guilty, a North Carolina judge says he is. The NFL found him guilty and he is certainly guilty in the court of public opinion."

See his comments below.