This father made this dangerous play look waaaay too easy.

During Thursday's Blue Jays-Phillies game in Philadelphia, a father holding his little girl snagged a foul ball coming right toward them with the breeziness one might reserve for ordering a hot dog.

His daughter is completely oblivious to the major league-caliber play her old man just pulled off. And even though we're all told to use two hands in Little League, this father wound up being forced into showing off he could do it with one hand because his other was occupied with his daughter and a tray of food and, seriously now, you can't expect him to put those down or, you know, not make a play for the ball or duck out of the way.

And just be thankful he made the catch -- if he had missed it and the daughter got hurt the trolls would be out quicker than a pinch hitter in the on-deck circle, ready to criticize the man for being a horrible parent.