And you thought Donald Trump's impact on sports ended with his love of Tom Brady and his ownership in the USFL.

Adelphi University's men's lacrosse team ran onto the field before a recent game as a speech by Donald Trump, played over music below him, blared on the loudspeaker.

Whether you love or hate Trump -- there is no middle ground -- you have to admit that this is a pretty unusual, if not downright odd, choice.

"The men's lacrosse team has traditionally chosen patriotic music for its pre-game warm-up," head coach Gordon Purdie said in a statement. "It was not intended to provoke or be taken as a political statement. We're sorry if anyone was offended."

One coach for an opposing team says the Panthers have been using the Trump speech for the last month.

Adelphi, based in Long Island, says it will not play the speech when it opens up play in the NCAA Division II tournament this weekend because, according to rules, "no team provided warm-up music is permissible" during the postseason.

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