No one likes getting into a car crash, but this is one way for it to be more pleasant.

Tiffany Lynn Cole has a pretty cool story to tell. She was driving in Arizona recently when she got into a car accident with Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw who's in the state for spring training.

Now, if this was a lame sitcom, she woul tell people what happened, but everyone would be like, "Yeah, right. You got into a crash with the best pitcher on the planet. Suuuuure, you did."

Cole, though, lives in the year 2016, where the unofficial credo of humanity is "It only happened if there's photo or video."

It's nice to see the three-time Cy Young Award winner being so cool about the whole ordeal and that he was so open to giving more than just insurance info.

Hmm -- wonder if Mike Trout would be amenable to giving some hitting tips after you rear-end him.

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