Legendary Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell unexpectedly died Wednesday night at the age of 52 following a performance in Detroit.

While the world is mourning Cornell's passing, video of him lashing out over the SuperSonics' moving out of Seattle and heading for Oklahoma City (where they became the Thunder in 2008) has begun to circulate in the sports community.

Cornell, of course, was a Seattle native and you can count him among the legions of fans who were crushed when the Sonics left.

Check out the above video (note the NSFW language) from a show in 2011, where Cornell apparently spotted someone in a Sonics jersey while doing a show a few hours outside of the Emerald City back in 2011.

If you're having trouble deciphering his words, here's a transcript:

They took our [bleep] team from us. Since I was this high, I had that team. And they [bleep] took it away. It’s [bleep] to take away a basketball team!”

Condolences to Cornell's family and we hope he rests in peace.

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