Steph Curry had better look over his shoulder because the next great sharp-shooter has arrived.

An armless boy from Delray Beach, Fla. has gone viral after video of him recently sinking three-pointers in a basketball game -- including what appears to be the game-winner -- surfaced.

Jamarion Styles, who is the unlikely star for Eagle’s Landing Middle School in Boca Raton, lost his arms when he was only eight months old because of a bacterial infection.

Despite his handicap, Styles keeps his success in perspective. "It's natural,” he told WSVN. “Just stay positive, and you can do whatever you can if you want to."

Styles isn't content to limit his talents on the hardwood, either. "Football is one of my main sports,” he said. “I play different sports, but football in my main one. I just tried basketball, and it turns out, here I am."

Styles isn't the first athlete without arms to make some noise. Earlier this year, a one-armed boy in Iowa raised eyebrows when he dunked in a game and back in 2014 another youngster with one arm showed he could be a stud on the diamond.

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