Hits and hockey go together like "slap" and "shot," but sometimes a player clocks someone with so much force you think you need to go to the doctor for concussion protocol.

Such is the case with this bone-crushing blow the University of Wisconsin's Eddie Wittchow delivered to the Minnesota Golden Gophers' Tommy Novak during a game on January 23.

Wittchow quickly took to social media to wish his opponent well.

Wittchow was tossed from the game and received a three-game suspension for the hit.

Interestingly, Wittchow's teammate, Aidan Cavallini, was also suspended for a game for checking Novak, who was conscious after the game, earlier in the contest.

Wisconsin may want to blame some of the hard hits on nothing more than good, old-fashioned frustration -- Minnesota whipped the Badgers, 9-2.