This Cincinnati Bengals fan simply cannot contain his excitement for this year's team.

Meet Jeffery Gebhart, a die-hard fan of the team who's painted his 600-square-foot house orange and black with Bengals stripes.

Gebhart has been rooting for the Bengals since 1976, so he's seen some bad -- really bad -- teams over the years and is certainly enjoying the franchise's success this season.

He's got sky high expectation for this year's squad, too, saying, "If ever there was going to be the year, this is the one." (Let's also skip over the fact the dreams of an undefeated season came crashing down with a nationally televised Monday night loss to the Texans.)

The home is in a secluded area, so there's little chance a blue-haired buttinsky would come over to complain or call town hall to demand he paint the abode a more traditional color.

Gebhart may want to temper his enthusiasm just a wee bit, since history dictates this season will not end on a high note. The Bengals haven't won a playoff game since 1990. January of 1990. That means it's old enough to rent a car.

Gebhart is also divorced -- surprise! There's no way on earth a wife would let her husband get away with this, right? That, or a man who pulls a stunt like this while married winds up a divorced man.