Ben Simmons is showing teams just how good his footwork is.

Simmons, considered by many to be the top pick in the upcoming NBA draft, recently kicked in a three-pointer. You could say he made a field gooooooaaaaaaalllllllll!!!!

The knock on Simmons' game is that he doesn't have a great jump shot. This certainly won't silence the doubters, but it should let people know he's pretty athletic and has good hand-eye foot-eye coordination.

The 76ers own the first pick. It's a franchise whose constant rebuilding has been criticized, so might they be swayed by Simmons' unconventional talent?

Ironically, Simmons' effort also proves combining sports can sometimes work out for the best. Too bad the same can't be said after this girl decided to give a basketball a whack off a hitting tee. Maybe Simmons can give her some pointers?

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